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GPS For Kids : If you are worried about your children when they play outside and want to know if they are safe then one option is to use an unobtrusive GPS device which can show you where they are at all times.

Monitoring the location of your child is now easy because of advances in minaturization of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology.  These devices are now very inexpensive considering the peace of mind that they can give you and they are now so small that you can put them anywhere.  They come in form of clips which you attach to clothing or shoelaces and these are child friendly, made in the form of children’s toys such as teddys etc.  

There are many different types suiting every price range and they can be placed in a child’s backpack, in a buggy or even sewn inside a jacket because they are only a couple of inches tall and one inch wide.  

You can also get a GPS wristwatch that is more attractive to older children – this might have more presteige if the child has never worn a wristwatch before!  

Safe Zones

One really good feature is the ability to set safe zones where you can set up the GPS device to alert you if it is taken outside a set area that you define on the computer. You can either use a computer or a GPS tracker that will alert you if your child goes out of the set area. So you could define an area where the child is allowed to play such as your yard but also define no-go areas such as a swiming pool and outside the yard of course.  In addition you can set up a maximum safe distance to ensure that the child never strays too far.

The wristwatch device also has a safety feature that will send an alert via GPS if it is removed in the wrong way i.e. if it is forcibly removed.

Using GPS for kids is a good idea if you are worried about your children and want to keep an unobtrusive eye on them at all times and of course if something bad does happen you will be able to track your child anywhere in the world.  

Note: GPS devices work in areas that cell phones do not because they communicate directly with a satellite whereas cell phones communicate with a land based aerial.  Satellites have been launched into earth orbit so that coverage of the Earth is global i.e. Global Positioning System (GPS).

If your child really does not want to use a GPS device or can’t remember to take it with him or her then one option is to use a GPS device embedded into their shoe.  

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